Hypnobirthing is aiming to provide you, your baby and family a positive pregnancy and birth. Hypnobirthing utilises pregnancy and birth knowledge, hypnosis techniques, positive thoughts and empowerment to allow women and their birth partners access to positive birthing.

The Positive Birth Programâ„¢ allows us to educate ourselves on how the mind and body work collaboratively to allow the birthing process to unfold. This knowledge, the support from an empowered birth partner, preparation through your preferred channel (for example hypnosis tracks, relaxation, breathing techniques or evidence-based reading) ensures we can prepare idealistic birth preferences to positively meet our birth, whatever path it may take.

Hypnobirthing encourages us to choose supportive caregivers, create birth preferences and discuss these regularly with your caregiver. Creating this open communication about birth preferences with a supportive caregiver allows them to endeavour to meet the preferences and calmly discuss alternatives prior to our birth. Preparing us, our expectations and allowing us to empower our birth partner.

Birth partners can be a powerful advocate in our births, prepare with us, ground us and use conditioned techniques to calm us. Hypnobirthing educates both the pregnant woman and their birth partners of the processes, so the birth partner can continue to positively interact with the woman, use the preparation techniques in pregnancy and birth while vocalising their wishes should we need during our birth to allow us to remain in a completely relaxed state.

Preparation differs for each woman, but hypnosis is introduced during the education through relaxation. Hypnosis encourages our mind to relax into the subconscious state where we can still engage, react and resist. However, in this state if we allow ourselves, we can allow our mind to control some bodily functions including heart rate, fear responses, etc which may positively influence our hormonal reactions. Hormonal reactions during pregnancy and birth drive the birth process, so through our calm and relaxed stated we can positively influence our birth.

Hypnobirthing varies for each woman and birth partner. The benefits from the knowledge, varying hypnosis techniques, positive thoughts and preparation encourages a positive birth outcome however you may meet your baby.